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Green is the color of what is natural and healthy and this is what Shakeology’s Greenberry supplement shake is all about. You can count on your Greenberry supershake to replace any meal of the day when you need to have it quick. It’s also great to have when you are tired of your usual meals and is looking for something to excitingly different. The advantage is that, it will be a densely nutritious meal for you, complete with protein, vitamins, fiber, minerals, digestive enzymes and so much more that you don’t even get when you actually eat a full lunch or dinner.

What’s with Shakeology Greenberry?

Today, there are 7 Shakeology flavors that you can enjoy and each one appeals to a different side of you. First off, there’s Chocolate which you can never go wrong with for its rich and intense chocolateness. There’s Vanilla which you can enjoy as is or mixed with other beverages or fruits. Then there’s Strawberry Shakeology which makes you feel like a child once more. There are also two vegan Shakeology flavors namely Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan especially dedicated for the Vegan-lover in you. The newest and most exciting so far is Shakeology Cafe Latte which is a big surprise for coffee fanatics who are strict nutrition buffs as well.

But definitely not to miss and must-try Shakeology is Greenberry! It probably has none of the usual excitement you get from other flavors, but this one is totally serious and intense about helping you achieve optimum health and well being. This isn’t just empty words though because Greenberry is one of Shakeology’s first and for over 5 years now, has remained one of it’s strongest suits even to this day.

They came, they conquered, and they loved Greenberry Shakeology!

There is no other way to describe Greenberry best than to take it from the coaches and customers themselves who have posted their shout outs via social media on how much they love this Green Shakeology. First off, Greenberry shakes has become their favorite because deep down, they know that green equals healthy especially so that it is no other than the proven and tested Shakeology.

They are also attracted to it’s refreshing taste. Although it’s not a dessert type of shake, it can be as satisfying as its also kinda sweet. Some think that it tastes like sweet green tea and of course, you know how invigorating that can be. Meanwhile, others have it for breakfast just by shaking it up with water and ice. A good number add it up to their diet plan to supplement their regular workouts. Most are bold enough to admit that its their choice among all the other flavors so you simply cannot go wrong with Greenberry.

Shakeology Greenberry Plus
The amazing thing about your Shakeology is that it blends well with other beverages, fruits, veggies, and just about everything else that you feel like dashing in there. If you would like to see what others have tried though, then there is so much you can look forward to enjoy. To achieve that fruity taste, your Greenberry is perfect with a banana, mango, strawberry, or pineapple. You can have these fruits frozen beforehand to make them more refreshing. Almond or coconut milk also enhances the tropical flavors of this nutritive shake.

On the other hand, so you can keep it strictly green and healthy, adding spinach, kefir, or ground flaxseed are wise picks. Those who like it quick and fun simply add water and orange juice to it. People have even made popsicles out of it and that just shows you how versatile Shakeology Greenberry is.

The Power of Green

Remember those days in school when you had to study about Go, Grow, and Glow foods? Well, your Glow foods just got better and tastier in Shakeology Greenberry meal replacement shakes. It is your daily dose of green that will make you glow in healthiness with all the good stuff that’s already in it plus what you can mix it up with.

And so the best way to do Greenberry is to try it for yourself. You might end up loving it bare and simple or liking it better blended. Just keep in mind that you are your own Shakeology mix master. One thing is for sure though and that is, there is no other way to go with Greenberry but to Glow! It is your time to shine.

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