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vegan shakeologyWhether you have just been thinking about trying or already are a true-blue vegan, drinking nutrition shakes is equally benefiting. But you should not be just any vegan, but the Shakeology kind of vegan.

Going vegan could mean less tendency for obesity for you. Most vegetarians weigh about 5-20% less than those who consume meat often. Health risks such as developing Type II Diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are likewise reduced. Eating more veggies and fruits veers you away from certain types of cancer including colon cancer as well.

Vegan Shakeology

Shakeology understands your needs and supports your Vegan lifestyle. Hence, the newly-improved Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan. You cannot deny the fact that not all fruits and vegetables, beans, or nuts taste great but since you want to stay healthy, you know that you either have to go vegan or nothing. So how can you enjoy the best of both worlds? Shakeology’s Tropical Strawberry Vegan and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology gives you the opportunity to get all the health benefits you seek plus the gustatory motivation to keep to that diet plan.

Even when you don’t want to go strictly vegetarian, Shakeology vegan shakes can give you that much-needed break from animal proteins. For instance, you can simply replace one meal with a Shakeology Tropical Strawberry Vegan and you will notice that you won’t anymore suffer from as many digestive issues as you used to. Meanwhile, having a yummy Chocolate Vegan shake daily will not also burden your weighing scale as compared to you constantly munching on a milk chocolate bar. In fact, it can help you maintain a healthier weight and make you feel lighter.

Glycemic Index Friendly

Vegan flavor or not, all Shakeology dense nutrition shakes have low Glycemic Index or GI. Why is this so? Consuming foods containing simple carbs allows for the quick release of glucose in the bloodstream and these same foods are the ones that have a high GI. The bad thing about eating high-GI foods is that, it can lead to a constant release of high glucose in your system, known as a sugar spike, that endangers your heart and blood circulation in return. To avoid this health disaster, you have to consume foods with low GI to make sure that your blood sugar can be kept at a controlled state as well.

Vegan Shakeology’s GI have been especially reduced to make you happier. Both the Carbohydrate and sugar levels have been lowered – its Glycemic Index dropping to an all-time low. Tropical Strawberry Vegan has a GI rating of 21 only while Chocolate Vegan is surprisingly at 20. Now, you can indulge in these Vegan shakes with nothing to worry about and only more to delight with.

Velvety Vegan Shakeology Shakes

If you have already tried concocting your own Vegan shake before, then you know how making it smooth and creamy can be a challenge. What with all the fibrous veggies or nuts that you need to get in there. Thankfully, Shakeology Vegan shakes have none of that gritty or sandy feel. Yes, they are smooth as velvet and really creamy! What’s more is that Shakeology’s very own proprietary blend of vegan shake also has added oat protein in it that’s GMO-free, making it silkier and better textured than your ordinary shake. Its also got a complete profile of all the nine (9) essential amino acids like isoleucine, leucine, and lysine to name a few – so that’s a super vegan shake for you.

Vegan and Delicious

Chocolate person or not, you will not be satisfied unless your shake is intensely chocolaty. Besides, what’s the use of having chocolate when it tastes otherwise? Fortunately for you, your every sip of the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology brings you to chocolate heaven as it has more cocoa added to it. Same goes for Tropical Strawberry Vegan. Its been combined with tangy guava to give it that mouth-watering tropical mix. Both Vegan flavors also have agave nectar for that extra-sweet taste minus the loud sugar or carbohydrate levels. Shakeology has a Taste Sampler should you want to give these Vegan delights a shot. You will get 2 packets for each and some recipes you can experiment with.

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