Strawberry Shakeology Legit Reviews

Strawberry Shakeology Legit Reviews

strawberry shakeology2014 was the big year for Strawberry when it was finally kicked off as an official Shakeology flavor. You can say that its a bit late for such a yummy ShakeO to be born, but it was more than worth the wait. You know of strawberry to be real refreshing and sweet, and this is exactly the same gustatory sensation that you will get to experience with Strawberry Shakeology as a meal replacement shake. It is whey protein-based and it gives you that fruity, succulent taste which will make you feel like you were munching on fresh strawberries.

From then on, the mouthwatering Strawberry smoothie has melted the hearts of so many. Customers and coaches alike have been stirred up by its creamy goodness and they have shared their thoughts and impressions on Shakeology’s Facebook fan page.

What Do You Think About Strawberry Shakeology?

A number of Shakeology followers find no shame in confessing that indeed, they are addicted to this particular flavor. They simply have to have it everyday or they won’t feel the same. It is good to take with you on long travels, says a customer, and she obviously loves to take it with her for the ride.

They also admit that in a good way, it is quite addicting especially because it is the best. Well, as long as you are addicted to making yourself healthy, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, the more you have Strawberry Shakeology, the more it will benefit you.

Happy with Plain Strawberry

No nonsense health enthusiasts prefer their Strawberry Shakeology plain. They feel that its the kind of flavor which is so natural that you do not need to add any fruits into it and it will still rock. They believe that it is already good on its own. If there are others who would ever want to add a fruit to that, they just include more cherries or frozen strawberries so it’s essentially still strawberry. You can also throw in some frozen strawberry slices in there so you get to munch on the real fruit.

Should you think that you want to try the plain and simple strawberry for starters, just get a scoop of Strawberry Shakeology and mix it with a cup of water. You can also use a blender then mix it with ice to make your shake additionally smooth and thick.

Strawberry Shakeology Plus

While some people like it plain, numerous others have proudly made their own delicious concoctions out of it. They add in a banana, coconut peanut butter, and extra ice, then their day is made. One customer has claimed that he has tried Strawberry Shakeology with different kinds of fruits and it just blends well. In fact, you can mix it with any of your favorites and it can be the the best flavor you have ever tasted. Like one customer who blended it with a handful of ice, you can already enjoy a strawberry milkshake if you put in almond milk plus Greek yogurt.

A good recipe to try is Strawberry Avocado Dream where you mix a scoop of Strawberry Shakeology with a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup of avocado – mashed, and some ice to taste. Mayan Blast is also something unique and worth giving a shot. Just blend a scoop of the Strawberry-flavored Shakeology plus a cup of almond milk, a teaspoon of ground cinammon, and finally, a dash of cayenne paper. You can likewise add ice to taste.

At the end of the day, customers and coaches alike do not only have Strawberry Shakeology for the rejuvenating flavor. It is really because it keeps them healthy, helps crush their sugar or ice cream cravings, and gives them energy naturally. One doctor even revealed that even if he is not able to perfectly stick to his health routine each day, he makes it a point to make up for it by drinking Shakeology. It is never too late.

Your Impressions Count

Shakeology was created for you and for your satisfaction only. You can order it solo or together with over flavors through the famous Triple Combo Box. If you want to leave a comment or review about your own Strawberry Shakeology experience, you can do so at their Facebook Fan page. Your impressions are important.

All Your Favorite Flavors of Shakeology

All Your Favorite Flavors of Shakeology

shakeology super ingredientsSo you have tried most of the exciting flavors from Shakeology or have probably enjoyed all of them. Meanwhile, there is always that one or two superfood shake flavor that just keeps haunting you and you keep on craving for as well. Don’t worry though because that is perfectly normal. You are not going nuts yet or anything like that. Besides, your are not the only one who is having that addicting feeling.

So, let’s see what makes other Shakeology lovers stick to their favorite. You are not alone in your addiction. There are so many out there who are loving Shakeology as much as you do. It is a hard choice and a tough competition between 7 flavors namely Greenberry, Strawberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Vegan, and Cafe Latte, but they know exactly what they want and for sure, you do too.

Greenberry Loyalists

Shakeology is almost equal to Greenberry because it is one of those flavors that was launched first. And so through the years, it has built its strongest following of loyalists who can’t get enough of it to this day. The thing about Greenberry is that the loyalists love it because its healthy green and they simply dig the intensified “berry” taste. Some do not mind taking it bare with just ice and water, while others prefer to make it even more enticing with fruits or veggies. Those who hit the gym feel that Greenberry is that refreshing semi-sweet smoothie they can count on to help them stick to their fitness goals. They also turn to this Shakeology flavor for that fresh break from Chocolate or Strawberry.

Strawberry Junkies

Child, teenager, or adult, there is no shame in getting addicted to Strawberry and Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology. In fact, Strawberry junkies are so proud to make their cravings known when it comes to this irresistible flavor. The classic Strawberry milkshake is what most of them fall for and the feelings grow with every gulp. Some even don’t mind if its the only meal replacement shake that they drink each day because they do not get tired of its sweet, natural Strawberry sensation.

Because of this, the creators of Shakeology made a vegan version of Strawberry and created something familiar and at the same time unique with Tropical Strawberry Vegan. This dense nutrition shake takes Strawberry addicts to a new high because its undeniably tropical, tangy, and sweet. They thirst for it like a fruit cocktail and enjoy its creamy smoothness. And of course, the vegans highly appreciate it as they don’t have to deal with the powdery bland taste other supposedly vegetarian beverages have. Instead, they have a delicious, light, and juicy vegan drink that’s surprisingly high in protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, and the like.

Vanilla Rooters

Die-hard Vanilla fans are so into this Shake-o so much that every sip feels like heaven to them. They don’t even mind licking the glass clean if that is what is takes to have more of this luscious and extra-creamy drink. And no, nobody ever gets bored of Vanilla because it is one the most flexible of all flavors and consequently most thrilling as well. You can have it any way you want it and any flavor you choose it to be. For the fans, its about starting your day right by having Vanilla Shakeology and feeling satisfyingly full for hours.

Chocolate Addicts

It is not that hard to enjoy chocolate but with Chocolate Shakeology, you have more than 77 reasons to get addicted with this dense superfood shake. The taste is nothing short of chocolate. In fact, the addicts confess that it is very sinfully chocolatey and mouth-watering. As one chocoholic would put it, you can’t wait to have Chocolate Shakeology and when you do get to drink it, it’s gone too fast that you can’t wait for the next day to come so you can have it again.

Of course, it would not be complete without the vegan version of chocolate. Vegans love chocolate too and they have found their sanctuary in Chocolate Vegan Shakeology. It is actually soy-free and non-dairy but it tastes yummy and creamy altogether. Importantly, the chocolate addicts assert that there is none of that gritty feel or nasty after-taste. The best thing about it is that, it is so deliciously creamy that you will forget that it is vegan and that it is a complete meal replacement shake.

Cafe Latte Neophytes

Cafe Latte is a newbie in the flavor department of Shakeology but is already showing a lot of potential. It is not only dedicated to coffee enthusiasts out there but also to those who would love a caffeine fix daily. You see, this Cafe Latte Shakeology has only 25% caffeine as compared to a cup of Joe, so no guilt feelings whatsoever. The most important thing about this newest sensation from Shakeology is that, it gives you everything you desire in a Cafe Latte when it comes to flavor. It is creamy, tasty, and bold!

Now, do you wanna be a part of this Shakeology flavors frenzy? Which flavor do you think you will want to be intimate with? Well, stop wondering and start tasting! There is a Shakeology sampler and it will allow you to have a taste of the different flavors in one pack. Get back to us as soon as you find your one true love.


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Reviews on Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

vegan chocolate shakeologyChocolate deserves to be Vegan and with Shakeology, you will have the perfect kind of Chocolate Vegan. Back when Shakeology started, it had only two flavors and it was just Chocolate and Greenberry. Creamy Chocolate Vegan joined the Shake-O family in June 2012 and even if there are now 7 yummy flavors, it still rocks the taste buds of thousands of followers.

Today, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is super delicious with its reformulated flavor. It is not just 100% chocolate but most importantly, it is 100% vegan. So like always, you can count on it to be your most nutritious meal replacement shake as well. If you want a lowdown on how much customers and coaches love these vegan shakes, then you have come to the right place. Shakeology has a Fan Page and they have posted their opinions about this particular flavor on Facebook.

Chocolate plus Vegan equals Satisfaction

Do you love Chocolate? Are you Vegan? If your answer is yes to both questions, then you have just found your piece of heaven in Chocolate Vegan Shakeology. A customer felt so addicted to it that she would sometimes go to the extent of licking the insides of the already empty bag. That’s how delicious this Chocolate Vegan Shakeology is.

It is also a soy-free beverage but customers like it better compared to other vegan shakes because of the real chocolate taste. Apparently, the others on the market that they have tried are not that pleasant to the taste buds. One customer even described that some would taste like dirt and sometimes even worse. They have also discovered that the others have awful aftertastes. So, this Chocolate Vegan from Shakeology is such a relief for them.

Meanwhile, for chocoholics, the yummy flavor satisfies them even when its non-dairy. For people who are lactose-intolerant, non-dairy beverages like this one can prove to be helpful. Customers are grateful for this soy-free and non-dairy option from Shakeology. One in particular appreciates that there is no whey or milk in it as she is allergic to them. A social media specialist from Beachbody considers it as his go-to flavor because it satisfies his chocolate fix without the guilt feelings afterwards.

Better than Plain Chocolate

Customers and coaches alike find a better alternative in Chocolate Vegan Shakeology. Most of them drink it daily as a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, and even dessert. They like the smooth texture and they find it to be less gritty. It also tastes more chocolaty but is not that sweet. Because of this, they are able to fulfill their sweet cravings the healthier way. Others find themselves loving the yummy goodness more than the regular chocolate. Since its Vegan Shakeology, they have also noticed feeling better after drinking it. This is especially true as they find it to be much easier on the stomach.

To the Next Level

You can still add some more to your Chocolate Vegan Shakeology to make it extra exciting. It blends well with other ingredients so it is perfectly fine. One customer mixed it with almond milk and she liked it because for her, it tasted like fudgesicle. Another one added fresh strawberries and all natural peanut butter and he was more than happy with it. A recipe called Banana Nut Bliss may also entice you. Just mix a serving of Chocolate Vegan, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a medium-sized banana, chopped raw walnuts, ground cinnamon, and some ice to taste. You know just from the ingredients that this recipe is gonna rock!

The reviews have everything good to say about Chocolate Vegan Shakeology and what better way to confirm this than to have a taste yourself. Surely, you will be deeply satisfied as well.

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Shakeology’s Passionate Beginnings

Shakeology’s Passionate Beginnings

shakeology bagsHow did something as amazing as Shakeology started out? The most brilliant of ideas always starts with one little talk that leads into an exciting barrage of exchanges, arguments, and counterarguments between individuals. The common ground among these talented individuals is the passion to pursue something they are so ardent and enthusiastic about. It is really like pursuing what one was destined to do from the start and this is pretty much the same way when Shakeology was born.

All Thanks to the Burger

It was one casual day when Beachbody CEO and Co-Founder Carl Daikeler was with his wife, Isabelle and Carl was enjoying his burger. She looked down at the burger and commented that he ate like he was just a second grader. Instead of taking it the other way around, Carl saw it as an opportunity to open up the topic with his wife on having her concoct something extra-special for Beachbody. You see, Mrs. Daikeler has decades of experience with her when it comes to nutrition and wellness. In fact, she designed shakes and supplements for her world-class VIP clients.

Well, Carl has been trying for months to convince Isabelle to do it for Beachbody but have been turned down. What he just desired at that time was a shake that he could drink considering that he was a self-proclaimed “anything-but-vegetarian”. He had his lucky day though and this time, his wife said yes. He was happy that she finally got interested and right there and then, they brainstormed about how the ultimate shake is going to be.

Becoming the Shakeology Mega hit

Mrs. Daikeler’s vision for what was going to be Shakeology was clear. It was going to be whole food based and it will have digestive enzymes, prebiotics and phytonutrients in it. Carl agreed with all these but is was also important to him that the shakes tasted good enough for him to swig down.

While Shakeology was in the process of evolving within those months, Isabelle had a chance meeting with Darin. Darin is a super guy who goes out into the world, wherever that may be, just to hunt for the most potent of nutrition sources that he could find in the planet. So he climbs the most remote of mountains, constantly cut through oceans, and penetrates thick, marshy jungles with the determination to succeed. He practically doesn’t care as long as he discovers the best sources of nutrition the world has to offer. Darin was another one of those passionate people who is behind what Shakeology is today.

A Gift to Humanity

It was in that chance meeting that the Shakeology dense nutrition was forged and entrenched. Three extremely passionate and gifted individuals of the health regime came together to bring to humanity a genuine nutritional breakthrough. Carl with his persistent leadership. Isabelle with her highly exigent standards. And Darin with his unstoppable search for Earth’s most nourishing food. Today, Shakeology transforms the health of thousands on a daily basis and implements regular improvements as new discoveries are being made.

The dream was simple – to develop something that would be helpful to those who shy away from their veggies like Carl did. When that dream came to life, it became an enormously beneficial meal replacement that gives you energy all day, makes you lose the unwanted pounds, improves your digestion and regularity, lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar, weans you off your unnecessary cravings, and so much more that you will discover once you keep drinking it. Anyone can live that dream today and it is just a matter of pursuing it.

And so, if you are as passionate about transforming your health and your whole life, you should not waste time in getting Shakeology for yourself. You owe it to your present and your future to have a daily dose of this dense nutrition. Start living the life!

Tested and Proven Shakeology Clinical Test

Tested and Proven Shakeology Clinical Test

shakeology clinically provenShakeology has been put to the test and what do you think the results are? They are awesome, of course. Now, there is no more room for any doubts or hesitations because these densely nutritive shakes are tested and proven! Over the years, Shakeology’s most loyal of customers have appreciatively expressed how it has made a significant difference in their lives. Most of them have lost weight when, day after day, they persevered in drinking these superfood smoothies without fail. That was when they did not even have weight loss as their main goal. Much of it can be attributed to improved digestion and regularity. Surprisingly, they have also been weaned off their junk food and sweet cravings.

Real Success only with Shakeology

Those who targeted achieving optimal health experienced a drop in their cholesterol levels and they could not contain their joy. Individuals who used to worry about their blood sugar levels have ended up stabilizing them and talking to their physicians about the possibility of putting away their prescription medicines for good.

Faithful clients have admitted that an essential part of their transformation have been fast-tracked due to Shakeology. Yes, they worked out and followed their exercise regimen to the letter but the change only became obvious when they let go of their old eating habits and made healthier food choices. Shakeology became the meal replacement that actually helped them shed the pounds. It made it easy for them to stick to their diet because everything has already been planned and customized in one luscious, densely nutritious shake.

Independent Clinical Study

The feedback from customers are highly appreciated and their positive personal experiences are very motivating for Shakeology makers. It is indeed affirming how these rich-tasting smoothies have the exact healthful benefits that have been envisioned from the start. To verify the truth behind these beautiful transformations, an independent clinical study was conducted. A clinical research organization that was into natural health products administered the study.

The objective was to answer the question on how effective Shakeology really is. Using a thorough selection procedure, 50 participants were chosen and subjected to a 90-day clinical trial. The results were so mind-blowing that the clinic which conducted the research could not help but be very impressed as well.


The participants were requested to replace two meals, specifically breakfast and lunch, by drinking just Shakeology. They were able to do it continuously for a duration of 90 days. No modifications whatsoever were implemented in their diet or exercise routines during these days. To ensure that all 50 individuals religiously complied with the requirements set on a daily basis, a proprietary app was used for monitoring their consumption.

In short, everything clinically possible was done to make sure that any changes or improvements in the participants can only be attributed to Shakeology and no other factor. This made it a very reliable research and a valuable study made on Shakeology especially when this was the first time it was done.

The Highly Significant Results

shakeology clinical study1Interestingly, when the participants had Shakeology for breakfast, their desire to have lunch was slimmed down. This went on for 90 days and as a result, they lost a significant 9.3 pounds on average. Guess how much the biggest weight loss was? It was a whooping 24 pounds and this was just within those days. Imagine how much you will lose if you drank Shakeology for 365 days. You do the Math!As the participants continued on complying with the requisites of the study, they also kept on losing weight and dropping it pound by pound. This only goes to show that the continual consumption of this superfood shake paves the way for weight loss that is gradual but steady. Shakeology therefore is not your quick-fix,short-term kind of solution that becomes difficult to pull through to the end. It is that sustainable kind of weight loss that is meant to transform your body today and keep it healthy for life.

All Down and For Good!

shakeology clinical studySo what else did the study reveal? While the number of pounds lost went up, both the cholesterol and blood sugar levels plummeted, and this is great news. On average, cholesterol levels went down by 7% while the biggest reduction percentage was 50 and this implies that Shakeology can cut down cholesterol in half.

Not only that, the findings in this study has proven that continued consumption of this complete meal replacement shake can lower the risks of developing Diabetes. In the study, the participants’ average blood sugar levels or HbA1c were not only monitored once. They were measured each day for the entire 3 months so as to generate a complete picture of how Shakeology affects blood sugar over a period of time when it is taken consistently. And fortunately for those who are conscious of their HbA1c, study showed that with Shakeology, blood sugar was reduced by 5% on average and was lowered to as much as 19%.

More than Enough Evidence

There is no more argument that with continued consumption, Shakeology can make a difference in your life just like it has with thousands of its growing fan base. It works hard to help you make your weight more desirable, lower your cholesterol levels, and stabilize your blood sugar. On top of that, these super smoothies are so great-testing that you will enjoy it with or without those astounding health benefits. But of course, it was made for the good of your health so it will do just that whether it matters to you or not.

Shakeology is tested and proven so go ahead get your stash now!

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*Results vary. Results based on a twelve-week independent clinical trial sponsored by Beachbody, where fifty people consumed Shakeology as their breakfast and lunch with no other changes to their diet or exercise regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Sensational Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology

The Sensational Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology

vegan shakeologyThe exotic tropics is what this particular super food smoothie floods your senses with. Your Tropical Strawberry Vegan is nothing like what you have tasted in the past because this one is going to give you highly-stimulating flavors that seem to come from a variety of juicy fruits. This vegan shake has been reinvented and is now packed with loads of sweet guava and tangy pineapple tastes! Is that exciting enough for you?

Like any other Shakeology flavor, Tropical Strawberry is a delight to partake in your mouth and is a bundle of healthiness for the body. It was in 2012 when it was first introduced as a vegan nutrition shake. While it has got heaps of strawberries in it, you can also count on papaya, pineapple, cherry, and guava to pump up some action in there. So combine all of those scrumptious fruity flavors together and you have a tropical drink that’s extremely refreshing and densely nourishing at the same time. This is certainly a spine-tingling way to have any time of day.

Your Meals will Never Be the Same

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in-between, Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology is on full scale to make your day come alive and kicking. Once you have a taste, you will immediately and voluntarily want to trade it with any meal or even two meals for the day when you crave for it so bad. Replace your usual meal with this tropical goodness and you will never get bored. And that’s not even the most important part.

Yummy Shakeology dense nutrition shakes will keep you energized through the day. As you keep drinking it daily, you will begin to notice that it makes you so fully satisfied that you don’t crave for anything else that is junk or too sweet. Your digestion will also improve along with regularity. Unlike your typical meal, it can complete your everyday health requirements with just one potent serving.

Tropical and Loving It

A big group of customers are loving this vegan flavor and they have posted it all over social media. Most say that it is quite different from the other Shakeology flavors because it is tropically refreshing. You won’t just taste the strawberry but the rest of the fruity bunch as well. The others fell in love with it and have made Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology their new favorite – vegetarian or not. One who have tried it likened it to a cocktail that’s as invigorating as an iced strawberry daiquiri, only that it has none of the alcohol. The rest are into it because they found it to be extra creamy and smooth compared to regular strawberries. And, they all liked it so much that they have strongly recommended it to friends, family, and clients alike.

Juicing to the Next Level

If juicing is one of your favorite hobbies, then you will love this tropical strawberry smoothie. It will mix very well with just about any fruit that’s in season or some of your preferred greens. It is absolutely great for breakfast! Also, you can change up the flavor quickly by adding another fruit. You can turn into a delectable fruit cocktail with orange juice, ice, water, and a frozen fruit. Try it with banana, mango, apple, or lychees. Sip it under the sun for lunch after you blend it with fresh lemon juice, pure maple syrup, tons of ice, and water. It will never disappoint you.

The Vegan Shakeology Difference

Because this flavor is vegan, you can count on it to improve your nutrition while sticking to your ethics. It tastes good and it makes your body feel good as well. It has high protein content plus a lot of the other important stuff such as antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, superfoods, and so much more.

If you are strictly vegetarian, then you are assured that Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology will provide you the break you need from animal proteins. Another advantage for vegans is that, it is sure to bring your taste buds to its ultimate heights which you cannot find in a number of other bland-tasting vegan powders. It can be so light, creamy, and fresh-tasting that you won’t think its a nutrition shake.

Suggested Recipes

Shakeology’s Vegan Strawberry has a lot of potential when it comes to concocting your kind of beverage. But if you are not the experimenting type and you would rather take it from those who has done it before, then there are these few recipes to try. You can do a Berry Delight by mixing a serving of the tropical strawberry with a cup of rice milk and a half cup of frozen mixed berry. You can add ice to taste. Another good one is called Orange Sunshine where you simply blend it with a half cup of water and orange juice. Again, add ice cubes as you see fit. Finally, there’s Tropical Breeze. You can have coconut milk, fresh strawberries, an orange, and a banana on this one.

Shakeology’s Tropical Strawberry Vegan was made to put the sunshine back into your life. Open your windows and let it in.

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Classic Bestseller Vanilla Shakeology

Classic Bestseller Vanilla Shakeology

vanilla shakeologyPut your hands in the air if you love Vanilla! Vanilla is one flavor which will never go out of style. Decades can come and go, but Vanilla will always be well loved and most sought-after from Generation X to Generation Z. With Shakeology though, you will love it even more. Vanilla Shakeology is the fifth flavor to hit the market but since then, it has continued to warm the hearts, and stomachs, of thousands of consumers.

Organic Vanilla Beans of Madagascar

Vanilla Shakeology is nothing short of a yummy dense nutrition shake. You know of this flavor as creamy and irresistibly semi-sweet. But it just got better with Shakeology because its creamier and naturally sweet! It is formulated from pure, organic vanilla beans that had been grown in Madagascar and sourced ethically. If you have seen the 2005 hit animated movie Madagascar, you will remember those funny bunch of animals – a lion, zebra, giraffe, and hippo – who were shipped back to Madagascar, Africa.

So why is it that those vanilla beans have to be sourced from Madagascar when it is so far in the south-east coast of Africa? Shakeology wants the best there is in the world, so if it’s from Africa that vanilla beans are the greatest and healthiest, then Madagascar it is. The same goes for the rest of Shakeology’s ingredients as well. Yes, absolutely, more than 77 of its superfood ingredients are from the world’s best and nothing less. You need not go far.

Exotic and Delicious Vanilla Shakeology

It is easy to love Vanilla Shakeology smoothies for two reasons. First is that, on its own, it is undeniably delightful. And two, it transforms into a different flavor when you add your other favorites to it. It doesn’t matter whether its fruits, nuts, or cold coffee because it can go with almost anything and Shakeology brings out the best in flavors. You can just switch flavors with a wink of an eye and turn your Vanilla Shakeology into chocolate, berry, or cafe latte. Should you want to put this flavor’s versatility to the test, you can try some mix suggestions. But of course, the recipe combinations are endless.

Just add peanut butter plus ice and you have an instant milkshake that tastes like ice cream. Mix it up with some blueberries and orange juice, then it could be your next favorite. Make it even more refreshing by adding watermelon, ice and water. Try banana and avocado with your Vanilla Shakeology and you will love it even if you are not that into vanilla. For pumpkin persons, you can have this shake with coconut water, cinnamon, nutmeg, ice, and last but not the least, pumpkin. With Vanilla Shakeology, there is simply no room for boredom.

Rock Your Taste Buds with Vanilla Shakeology!

This Vanilla-flavored Shakeology is so smooth and creamy that you can have it day or night as a meal replacement. For breakfast, you can pump up your energy by adding unsweetened almond milk, a shot of espresso, and organic cacao powder. Top it with unsweetened cacao nibs plus organic coconut flakes, and it is going to make your day. If you like it better for lunch then you can have a vanilla latte, Shakeology style with cooled brewed coffee as well as unsweetened almond milk and pure maple syrup. For dinner or as a snack, you can have it extra rich with red grapes, all-natural peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk and ice to taste.

The Vanilla Shakeology Experience

What if you have never tried vanilla or you never liked it before? Then it is time to change your mind and enjoy vanilla at its most delectable with Shakeology. A serving of Vanilla Shakeology is good with a cup of water. You can make it thicker by adding ice to the mixture in a blender.

So there you have it. You can make your healthiest meal of the day simple or creative – you hold the reigns. Just keep in mind that when it comes to flavor, your Shakeology has legit vanilla and it is a surefire bestseller.

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Shakeology Super Ingredients

Shakeology Super Ingredients

shakeology super ingredientsThere is so much love that is going on for Shakeology and there are a lot of reasons why. But the main thing about this dense nutrition shakes is that it provides you with extraordinary ingredients because of course, you deserve nothing less.

Whether you are already a big Shakeology fan or just thinking about giving it a try, you have every right to know what makes it ludicrously healthy. This is very important because 70% of what can make you fit and healthy is really from the stuff that you put in your mouth. While there is no such thing as bad fitness, bad nutrition is pretty much everywhere and is easy to contract like a severe illness if you don’t eat right. You can probably do with minimal exercise, but never poor nutrition.

More than Just Protein

Shakeology has recognized that there is a huge deficit in wellness that needs to be reversed fast! And while there are protein shakes around which attempt to fill this gap, they simply cannot do the job right because they are just that – protein shakes and nothing more. In the mean time, Shakeology is your complete meal replacement shake. It is dense nutrition that you can and must have everyday. It is your healthiest and most great-tasting shake that has put together the superfood ingredients of the world. Yes, the world, because Shakeology’s ingredient-hunters make sure you only get the best and they scour the planet just to give it to you.

On top of the powerful superfoods, the most important factor that sets it above from the rest is its high quality ingredients. Shakeology has tons of premium ingredients and we are talking more than 70 of the amazing stuff. This includes Whole foods; vitamins and minerals; essential enzymes; prebiotics and probiotics; and lastly, MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane.

Shakeology’s Magic 5

These Magic 5 ingredients from Shakeology have been put together for a purpose and that is for them to work together in one harmonious synergy. Like an orchestra that’s always on-key, each group of ingredients raises the body’s bar of healthiness up to its optimum level. Whole food sources allow you to benefit from full nutritive values that “extracts” cannot give you. Shakeology also offers a complete profile of vitamins and minerals that correspond to your daily needs. It provides your body with a loaded enzyme support for its many and varied processes. To keep your body’s essential balance, the prebiotics and probiotics work together as a team to make this happen. Finally, MSM ensures fluidity between your body’s cells and tissues so you can avoid pain and rigidity.

Only the Good and the Healthy

If you are watching your weight and you look at the back of a product, you will probably just focus on 3 things and that’s Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, remember that you can always see beyond that and consider those equally-important ones under the ingredients. Losing weight is as crucial as sustaining your well-being and this can only be made possible by the rest of the ingredients that’s in there.

With Shakeology, you will see Gingko, Goji Berry, Chia, Camu-camu, Spirulina, Yacon Root, Oat Protein and so much more that seem to be hard to pronounce but all have one thing in common: Natural. Yes, you got it. There is nothing in there that is artificial and you know how artificial is detrimental to your health. Shakeology has no artificial flavors and definitely no artificial sweeteners. It is serious about making you healthy all the way, naturally!

It’s All Out in the Open

Shakeology has nothing to hide because it has everything great to impart to you. Now you know that it has been well-thought of, ingredient by ingredient, to ensure that you get your return on your investment. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and try it for your own betterment. If you already are into it, keep going and you will continue to experience the awesome results!

Unlimited Chocolate with Shakeology

Unlimited Chocolate with Shakeology

chocolate shakeologyWhen you hear the word Chocolate, what comes to mind first? For you, is it your favorite bar complete with fruits and almonds? Or is your mind saying no because it is considered to be very fattening? One thing is for sure though, Chocolate will always have that positive upshot for you whether you want it or not. Well, no more stopping yourself now because Shakeology has Chocolate as one of its bestselling meal replacement shake flavors! And what this means for you is that usual yummy melt-in-your-mouth goodness without the diet-distracting effects. In fact, Shakeology is the kind of Chocolate that will make you super healthy.

Whoever said that chocolate is bad never had Shakeology because this kind is the exact opposite. Once you drink it, you will slowly but surely wean yourself off your cravings especially for junk food. With Chocolate Shakeology, you can enjoy your comfort shake and feed your body more high quality nutrients while maintaining your weight or even losing the extra pounds. That bikini bod you have been dreaming of is just around the corner.

Start your Day Right with Chocolate Shakeology

So how do you go about jump starting that Shakeology lifestyle? Chocolate Shakeology is perfect for breakfast! It will be like beginning a beautiful day with an exciting dessert. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to debate or quarrel with yourself whether you should have it or not. You do not even have to wait for a cheat day to enjoy it. You can relish in this chocolate everyday and invest in your health at the same time.

Go ahead and mix it up with almond milk, cold coffee, and ice. You will surely love it. Also try peanut butter and banana with it. It can make you feel full till the afternoon and that’s a good thing for weight management. Do it again the next day for you will never grow tired of it. Have a hearty, yummy, and chocolaty breakfast each time!

Goodbye Sweet Cravings

Because you are able to satisfy your craving for chocolate at anytime, drinking Shakeology allows you to forget about all your other desires especially for sweets that destroy your diet. It satisfies your sweet tooth better than any other dessert that have sinful high sugar content. You can have it with just water or milk and its a meal replacement that’s already going to satisfy you inside and out.

For chocoholics and sweet-holics out there who can’t seem to live without it, here is your guilt-free and healthier option now. Instead of feeling bad after you munch at your usual chocolate bar, Chocolate Shakeology will make you feel like you have done something healthful for yourself.

More Healthy Stuff to Mix

Plain and simple Chocolate Shakeology can be revved up so you can have something different to look forward to vegan chocolate shakeologyeach day. You can practically mix it with any of your favorites as far as your imagination mind can go. You will be surprised with what you can concoct. Coffee, walnuts, and vanilla extract will make it into one wonderful smoothie.

And here’s more! You can make real mouth-watering desserts out of it. You can do brownies, chocolate pudding, frozen pops and mocha mousse to name a few. But you can just drool over these or go and start to whip it up yourself. The easiest, and probably yummiest, would be the frozen pops. All you have to do is mix Chocolate Shakeology with peanut butter and skim milk into a blender then pour the mixture into your pop molds. Freeze the molds and voila! You can refresh yourself on the outside while making yourself healthy on the inside.

If chocolate is your first love, then Chocolate Shakeology should be your last and only love!

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That Everyday Shakeology Lifestyle

That Everyday Shakeology Lifestyle

shakeology 365erWhen you have something great going for you and it brings you happiness, would you do it everyday? If your answer is yes to this question, then you should also say yes to Shakeology every single day of your life. This is not just to hard sell this superfood shake to you. This is really to help you get into that healthy lifestyle that you should be enjoying.

Not just today, Not only tomorrow, But Shakeology Everyday

Each day, you go to work, you take care of the kids, you clean up the house and your body is doing its best to catch up with everything else that needs done. What do you think will happen if you have not fueled yourself with the Shakeology awesomeness one particular day. Well, you will probably still survive but you won’t have that same energy and intensity than when you had your daily dose of that dense nutrition. To perk you up, you will probably choose to have an energy drink or eat some more pasta or gorge on a tub of ice cream to feel better.

There is nothing wrong with all those foods as well but in the long run, you will notice that you do not only gain weight, but your energy level continues to dip lower. That moment will come when your body will simply give up and you will get sick. And then, the cycle goes on and on. This is one of the primary reasons why it is important to be consistent in your Shakeology consumption. You live your life each day and this smoother superfood can support you all the way. It is rich in protein, adaptogens, phytonutrients, prebiotics and probiotics, plus loads of other wholesome stuff that are meant to revitalize you from the cellular level. You can spend the whole year slurping on this flavorful smoothie and you only get better each time.

Your Daily Habit

Unlike junk food or an unbalanced diet, the more you drink it, the more your body strengthens. You will not only be able to accomplish what needs to be done but you will also have the vitality to do the things that you want to do. So if this is the kind of lifestyle you want to pursue, you have no choice but to savor the yummy meal replacement that is Shakeology without miss. It is like continuously having fruits and veggies, only more appetizing.

Start your day right with a Shakeology breakfast. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just dunk water, ice, and, Shakeology in your blender and you have your wholesome food on the go. Should you need a quickie lunch, your Shakeology can do the job. There are vegan flavors like Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate in case you are a strict vegetarian. To spice things up, your superfood shake can be mixed with almond milk, banana, mango, ground flax, kefir, orange juice – your imagination is the limit. Caffeine addict or not, the new Cafe Latte Shakeology should always be part of your day.
The Shakeology Aftermath

Drinking Shakeology can have serious healthy consequences. It can help you lose the extra pounds. It has a low Glycemic Index so your sugar levels are always balanced. You can also say goodbye to your cravings especially those of the junk food type. Your digestive system will have more of the good bacteria so no more uncomfortable stomach aches for you. It is indeed a complete transformation.

Shakeology everyday? The choice is yours.

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