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Shakeology and the Glycemic indexIf there’s anything that Shakeology does right for you, it would be that it cares for ALL of you. It does not only make sure that you are optimally nourished but it also spoils your tongue with rich-tasting flavors that leaves you craving for more. Take for instance the new Shakeology Cafe Latte. Who would have thought that the latte you love can be so delicious and super nutritious all at the same time? And so, if you haven’t tried it, you should go ahead and check it out. Should you doubt it still, here’s more of the good stuff that can help you nail that decision.

GI to the Rescue

You know the Glycemic Index? The Glycemic Index or (GI) is a scale that was formulated to assess how quick the Carbohydrates in specific foods we eat enter our system. Say for instance, comparing between a doughnut and some pasta, which of their carbs do you think will be absorbed by the body faster? To mark the rate of absorption, GI sets the scale from 0 to 100 with 0 as the slowest and 100 as the fastest. And so, if you want to keep healthy, you need carbs that have slow absorption rates or low GI.

Why is this so? You see, when you consume Carbohydrates, they get broken down into glucose via the digestive system. This glucose or dextrose enters the blood stream to be processed into fuel for use by the body. When the glucose or blood sugar is already in the system, the pancreas then would release the hormone insulin and transport it to the cells.

This phenomenon is known as the “sugar spike” and this is when your energy level rises to the top. This may initially sound awesome especially when you need to be extra energized during particular moments of the day, but sadly, its not all good. The thing is, the hormone insulin would tend to eat up the glucose too quickly that you would go from an ultimate sugar high into dangerously sugar deficient in a short span of time. It’s a “sugar crash” and you would not want to be in this state.

From Better to Worse

The main reason why your dietitian does not recommend too much carbs or sugar in your diet is because you could get sick when that happens. In the same way, when your sugar spikes up and then crashes too often or regularly, then expect that your body will react to it negatively. The cells in your body need only enough fuel supply so if you have too much insulin already, they won’t accept it anymore and the sugar will just float around. Your system then becomes insulin resistant and this could lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

You definitely don’t want any of this to happen and you can let the Glycemic Index guide you. To have just the right amounts of sugar, you need to be conscious about what you eat and go for those with Low GI levels more. This way, you’re system becomes balanced and you will not have a need to sugar spike and then crash. The best way to do it is to take a good look at the GI scale of the kinds of food you typically consume and put those slowest to absorb Carbohydrates on top of your list.

Keeping it Low with Shakeology

Fortunately for you, Shakeology understands your need for slow-absorbing carbs and the nutritious shakes they offer have lived up to this mission. It has been made easy and convenient for you as all flavors possess a low Glycemic Index. With the GI baseline set at 100, foods that are rated 70 and above are considered to have high GI. White bread, cornflakes, and other baked goodies made of refined flour are some examples. A food rating of 56-69 have medium GI like banana and raisin. Those with low GI are 55 and below including seeds, nuts, fruits, most veggies and of course, your seven Shakeology flavors.

More specifically, Shakeology’s Strawbery is lowest at a GI of 14; followed by Chocolate Vegan at 20; Tropical Strawberry Vegan at 21; the newest Cafe Latte at 25; Greenberry and Vanilla flavors at 26; and finally, the scrumptious Chocolate at 29 GI rating. This has been verified by Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc. and you can count on it to be accurate. But then you say, what if I just eat an apple, how is that in the Glycemic Index scale? An apple is rated 39 while cashews are at 27 and lentils are at 29 just like the Chocolate. At the end of the day, you are free to choose what you want but just remember that a Chocolate Shakeology has got lots more health benefit in it than just having lentils. Besides, Shakeology is more delicious!

Some Last Reminders

While the Glycemic Index is not your only gauge for healthfulness, it does help you make better food choices, and shakes for that matter. Take a closer look at the back of that Shakeology bag and you will see that indeed, it provides you dense nutrition. You can make it a daily habit and keep your sugar levels balanced while enjoying every sip each time. When it comes to the Glycemic Index, always remember to keep it low! If you are looking for some more info be sure to check out these Shakeology podcasts.

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