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Shakeology Comparison

Two thousand and nine was the big year for Shakeology when it was launched in March. Back then, different dietary systems boomed everywhere. But Shakeology was unlike any ordinary supplement in the market. Its primary goal was to fill up a need that no other healthy shake has satisfied. The concept behind Shakeology was to get out of the box, re-create the world of health shakes, and provide you the most innovative products and lifestyle.

Shakeology Equals Dense Nutrition

And so Shakeology went way past being a “protein shake” into becoming “Dense Nutrition”. Indeed, it is a nutrition shake! There’s protein in there and then, so much more. For those who understand nutrition deeply, you know that the body needs more than just a daily intake of protein. Balanced nutrition involves vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, superfoods, phytonutrients, prebiotics, minerals, digestive enzymes, plus adaptogen herbs to name a few and this is exactly what Shakeology brings you.

At the outset, Shakeology may look more expensive in comparison to other protein shakes. But then again, Shakeology is all about holistic nutrition and even if you do compare it with other health supplements, you’ll be surprised that you will actually be spending more with the latter in order to match what it can provide in just 1 bag.

Breaking Down the Wall

So what’s stopping you from grabbing these delectable shakes? Per serving, Shakeology will only cost you around $4 and in exchange, you already get what your body truly deserves. It is really optimal nutrition for less. Let’s break down the wall and see more important truths that can help you change your life for the better – right here, right now:

1. Inside out

What’s inside every pack of Shakeology are ingredients that have been taken only from whole food sources. Meanwhile, the other shakes go and isolate their “magic ingredients” from its phytonutrients and enzymes. As a result of this isolation procedure, the same ingredients lose their effectivity as you consume them. Literally, it gets stripped while you get ripped off in the process. Now, is this something you would rather have?

2. The Synergy that is Shakeology

Shakeology isn’t just about various ingredients mixed together to make a healthful yummy shake because between those ingredients is a synergy that you will not find anywhere else. Since there are lots in there, each special ingredient work together as a whole to bring a host of wellness benefits that you couldn’t get otherwise if it was just a plain protein shake. So imagine a combination of all the good stuff getting into your system as one powerful punch! And what’s the result? Just one week after indulging in these nutritious shakes, numerous consumers have happily reported varied digestive and health recoveries. Most of them do not crave junk food as much as they used to and have even started shedding off some pounds. They have not felt so energized in years and regularity likewise improved. Simply, this is Shakeology at work!

3. Protein Science

Here’s the truth about protein sources: Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) have more protein in them than Whey Protein Concentrates (WPC) do. You see, WPI as a source of protein is more pure that it contains 87% up to 95% protein. The other good news is that, it almost has no fat and is lactose-free. In the meantime, WPC only have between 34-80% protein and despite the legal label which says it is a hundred percent WPC, technically, it implies protein at only 34% in that same shake. Now, because Shakeology gives you only the best with high levels of protein, which protein source do you think is it derived from? That’s right! Shakeology is a WPI source of rich protein plus loads of digestive enzymes. If you are lactose-intolerant, it also contains an enzyme called Lactase that breaks lactose down much like Lactaid does so you can enjoy dairy products without the discomfort. And so, between a bare protein shake and Shakeology, the latter is still the winner!

4. Sugar substitutes, anyone?

There is no doubt that too much of anything is bad for you and this includes sugar. Because of this, artificial sugar alternatives or chemical sweeteners have been set out in the market and you know of them as aspartame, sucralose or sugar alcohols. You can see the same in the Nutritional Facts of most protein shakes at a minimal 1 gram. However, these substitutes have also been known to pose dangers to our body and Shakeology has refused to fall for these unworthy replacements. Your Shakeology has sugar derived only from natural sources and at very small amounts. In this way, the body can easily process it for productive use. Most importantly, the nutrition shakes have been verified by an independent laboratory to possess low Glycemic Index or GI. Depending on the kind of flavor you choose, Shakeology GI is between 14-29 only, which is actually lower in comparison to fruits. For instance, your favorite banana’s GI is at 62.

There is still more to Shakeology that’s very beneficial but the best way is to find out and experience it for yourself. If you are looking for some more info be sure to check out these Shakeology Podcasts.

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