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Episode 6: Why Shakeology is Worth the Price

In this episode of Inside Shakeology you will here from Darin Olein and Sr. Marketing Director Jenn Yang to learn why Shakeology is the best value around. Learn about the uncompromising approach the quality that is inside each and every bag of Shakeology.

Episode 5: All about Cafe Latte

The Shakeology family has added a new flavor, Cafe Latte. It contains a delicious new superfood: whole coffee fruit. Do you like coffee? They you are going to love the new Cafe Latte Shakeology. Today you will learn how whole coffee fruit offers unique benefits that are not found in the coffee bean alone.

Episode 4: How and Why You Should be Using Shakeology Boost

Learn why you should be boosting up with Shakeology Boost. Whether you need a little more energy, some fiber or just some help getting in those greens, Shakeology Boosts will help you.

Episode 3: How to Stay Healthy During the Busy Holidays?

The busy holidays are filled with tempting treat every where you turn. In this Shakeology podcast Darin Olien will tell you how to beat those temptations and overcome the challenges of eating during the holidays.

Episode 2: What is the Science Behind Shakeology?

Have you been wondering how Shakeology works to reduce your cravings, increases your energy and improves your digestion? This podcast of Inside Shakeology will help answer those questions for you. It’s time to learn about the science behind Shakeology.

Episode 1: How Shakeology is different

This episode is about how Shakeology is different than all the other shakes out there and how Shakeology is so much more than “just another protein shake.” Also will explain why it is necessary to add or remove ingredients from the Shakeology formula from time to time.