Shakeology Strawberry Delight

strawberry shakeologyLove strawberries? Who wouldn’t! Just one look at those reddish pink strawberries and you already want to dig your teeth into its soft and juicy fruit. So imagine that sweet, succulent taste and distinct aroma in a superfood shake for lunch! Yes, that’s right, Shakeology Strawberry is the “strawberriest” ever. But because it’s also Shakeology, it is the most nutritious meal replacement in the planet.

Yummy Superfood Shakeology

All Shakeology flavors, including Greenberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate, are delicous. But when it comes to Strawberry Shakeology, you won’t ever get tired of its mouthwatering goodness. It is that most sought-after superfood blended with protein plus more than 70 nutrient-dense ingredients that come from whole food sources, hand-picked from the healthiest around the globe.

This one is not to be mistaken with Tropical Strawberry though as that other one is vegan. Not that vegan is undesirable because Vegan Shakeology is a special blend of lots of fruits and berries. It’s just that Strawberry Shakeology is all about whey protein. And you know that if its protein-based, then its really smooth and creamy. You probably get the picture (and the delicious taste) by now and there should be no stopping you from slurping your day away with this sweet Strawberry shake.

Welcoming Strawberry Shakeology

So why is it that there has to be Strawberry Shakeology when there’s Tropical Strawberry already? VP Carolina Gutinsky herself gave light to this interesting issue and shared that since that time Tropical Strawberry was launched, they already had the creamy Strawberry in mind. While the tropical version is refreshing and is pro-vegan, what followers will find in this shake is a whey-based beverage that’s smoother and oh-so luscious.

Some customers do have it for breakfast and they have felt that its a delicious way to start the day. It’s upbeat flavor seems to make them extra-jolly for some unexplainable reasons. Others like it because it tastes like their all-time favorite strawberry milkshake and you know that you would never grow tired of that. They are simply impressed by it especially that there is none of that chalky aftertaste you find in other protein shakes. It melts in your mouth and its so smooth-textured that you will forget that it’s a nutrition shake!

So if you have been having Chocolate Shakeology for years, Strawberry is that sweet twist that your taste buds will enjoy.

Triple the Shakeology Fun
While you can have the best-selling Chocolate Shakeology for another 5 years, it would also be good to sneak out of your comfort zone once in a while and try other equally-deserving flavors – as long as it’s Shakeology. Say this week, you can get yourself a Triple Combo Box that has two other flavors in it. There’s Chocolate, Vanilla, and of course, the must-try Strawberry, with 8 packets of each. Also, don’t forget that you can mix and match these flavors so this could be your chance to bring out that food scientist in you. Everyday is a new day to mix up an exotic flavor that’s your own. Otherwise, Shakeology has some awesome recipes you can count on to try something different each time.

Strawberries on the Loose

Now that Strawberry Shakeology meal replacement shakes are out in the market, you can have it anytime and anywhere. It is especially perfect for those moments when you don’t feel like having a full meal but can’t have junk food as well. It’s also good as a snack – only that it’s densely nutritious than most snacks you know. It’s time to bring back that delight you always had about strawberries and milkshakes. Grab your Strawberry Shakeology today!


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