Shakeology Cafe Latte

Shakeology Cafe Latte

If you think you have tried all of the yummy Shakeology flavors, think again! The Shakeology sensation and innovation is simply unstoppable. Yes, there’s a new flavor to catch and it is especially meant for latte lovers out there. A number of select coaches have already had a taste and it has tickled their curiosity. They have some interesting questions and you might want to know the answers too. Here is an inside scoop on the newest addition to the Shakeology heaven of flavorful nutrition shakes.

The Caffeine Fix

So how much caffeine is in your Shakeology Cafe Latte? This part is the big surprise.
As a health champion, you would prefer just enough caffeine in your diet so it has to be at a safe limit. But then again, the coffee flavor can be so tempting that you just got to have your daily fix of that caffeine or your day just wouldn’t feel right. Besides, there’s nothing like that energetic jolt that coffee gets you.

Thankfully, Shakeology has come up with the perfect solution – an all in one nutritious shake that has the familiar full-bodied coffee goodness plus the same caffeine level as any Shakeology flavor available in the market. So compared to a cup of Joe, that’s like only 25% caffeine. In terms of caffeine level, this latest latte has got the same as all the flavors you can think of. It’s like having your favorite Tropical Strawberry Shakeology but coffee-flavored with a nice twist this time. Its basically the Shakeology you love and the Cafe Latte you crave for, rolled into one. Now, isn’t that exciting?

Taste Test

What’s the taste like? Coffee drinkers will definitely fall for Shakeology’s Cafe Latte. It’s very rich, flavorful, powerfully fresh, and yet creamy all at the same time. It doesn’t feel like some artificial powdery medicine you find in some protein shakes. It’s more like a smooth iced latte or frappe you usually order at some downtown cafe. Do not let it fool you though. It is still your dense nutrition with all its superfood benefits and balance. It definitely wouldn’t hurt if you grab one today.  🙂

Something Very Special

Why choose Shakeology over the cafe at the corner? You know the coffee bean, right? Well, it is surrounded by this red, fleshy fruit better known as the Coffee Fruit and it is a highly-desired superfood source. It is native in the regions of India and Mexico and guess what? The WHOLE of this Coffee Fruit is loaded in the Cafe Latte and it just makes it irresistibly delicious and incredibly nourishing. Using the whole fruit likewise lessens its carbon footprint. Nothing to waste and everything to gain with Shakeology!

Barista Dreams Come True

Are you the type who likes to experiment and create your own brand of Shakeology flavor? Apparently, you do not have to give up any of those flavors that you have become comfortable with. In fact, Shakeology has this Barista Triple Combo Box that contains 8 single-serving packs each for Chocolate, Vanilla, and of course the Cafe Latte. And what does this mean? It’s time to make those barista dreams come true and mix up your own enticing coffee concoctions. You can even serve it to guests and see what they think about your new passion. Better yet, dress up for the job and serve Shakeology Cafe Latte like a pro while you’re at it.

Why settle for a plain latte when you can have Shakeology Cafe Latte?

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