Shakeology’s Passionate Beginnings

shakeology bagsHow did something as amazing as Shakeology started out? The most brilliant of ideas always starts with one little talk that leads into an exciting barrage of exchanges, arguments, and counterarguments between individuals. The common ground among these talented individuals is the passion to pursue something they are so ardent and enthusiastic about. It is really like pursuing what one was destined to do from the start and this is pretty much the same way when Shakeology was born.

All Thanks to the Burger

It was one casual day when Beachbody CEO and Co-Founder Carl Daikeler was with his wife, Isabelle and Carl was enjoying his burger. She looked down at the burger and commented that he ate like he was just a second grader. Instead of taking it the other way around, Carl saw it as an opportunity to open up the topic with his wife on having her concoct something extra-special for Beachbody. You see, Mrs. Daikeler has decades of experience with her when it comes to nutrition and wellness. In fact, she designed shakes and supplements for her world-class VIP clients.

Well, Carl has been trying for months to convince Isabelle to do it for Beachbody but have been turned down. What he just desired at that time was a shake that he could drink considering that he was a self-proclaimed “anything-but-vegetarian”. He had his lucky day though and this time, his wife said yes. He was happy that she finally got interested and right there and then, they brainstormed about how the ultimate shake is going to be.

Becoming the Shakeology Mega hit

Mrs. Daikeler’s vision for what was going to be Shakeology was clear. It was going to be whole food based and it will have digestive enzymes, prebiotics and phytonutrients in it. Carl agreed with all these but is was also important to him that the shakes tasted good enough for him to swig down.

While Shakeology was in the process of evolving within those months, Isabelle had a chance meeting with Darin. Darin is a super guy who goes out into the world, wherever that may be, just to hunt for the most potent of nutrition sources that he could find in the planet. So he climbs the most remote of mountains, constantly cut through oceans, and penetrates thick, marshy jungles with the determination to succeed. He practically doesn’t care as long as he discovers the best sources of nutrition the world has to offer. Darin was another one of those passionate people who is behind what Shakeology is today.

A Gift to Humanity

It was in that chance meeting that the Shakeology dense nutrition was forged and entrenched. Three extremely passionate and gifted individuals of the health regime came together to bring to humanity a genuine nutritional breakthrough. Carl with his persistent leadership. Isabelle with her highly exigent standards. And Darin with his unstoppable search for Earth’s most nourishing food. Today, Shakeology transforms the health of thousands on a daily basis and implements regular improvements as new discoveries are being made.

The dream was simple – to develop something that would be helpful to those who shy away from their veggies like Carl did. When that dream came to life, it became an enormously beneficial meal replacement that gives you energy all day, makes you lose the unwanted pounds, improves your digestion and regularity, lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar, weans you off your unnecessary cravings, and so much more that you will discover once you keep drinking it. Anyone can live that dream today and it is just a matter of pursuing it.

And so, if you are as passionate about transforming your health and your whole life, you should not waste time in getting Shakeology for yourself. You owe it to your present and your future to have a daily dose of this dense nutrition. Start living the life!

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