Tested and Proven Shakeology Clinical Test

shakeology clinically provenShakeology has been put to the test and what do you think the results are? They are awesome, of course. Now, there is no more room for any doubts or hesitations because these densely nutritive shakes are tested and proven! Over the years, Shakeology’s most loyal of customers have appreciatively expressed how it has made a significant difference in their lives. Most of them have lost weight when, day after day, they persevered in drinking these superfood smoothies without fail. That was when they did not even have weight loss as their main goal. Much of it can be attributed to improved digestion and regularity. Surprisingly, they have also been weaned off their junk food and sweet cravings.

Real Success only with Shakeology

Those who targeted achieving optimal health experienced a drop in their cholesterol levels and they could not contain their joy. Individuals who used to worry about their blood sugar levels have ended up stabilizing them and talking to their physicians about the possibility of putting away their prescription medicines for good.

Faithful clients have admitted that an essential part of their transformation have been fast-tracked due to Shakeology. Yes, they worked out and followed their exercise regimen to the letter but the change only became obvious when they let go of their old eating habits and made healthier food choices. Shakeology became the meal replacement that actually helped them shed the pounds. It made it easy for them to stick to their diet because everything has already been planned and customized in one luscious, densely nutritious shake.

Independent Clinical Study

The feedback from customers are highly appreciated and their positive personal experiences are very motivating for Shakeology makers. It is indeed affirming how these rich-tasting smoothies have the exact healthful benefits that have been envisioned from the start. To verify the truth behind these beautiful transformations, an independent clinical study was conducted. A clinical research organization that was into natural health products administered the study.

The objective was to answer the question on how effective Shakeology really is. Using a thorough selection procedure, 50 participants were chosen and subjected to a 90-day clinical trial. The results were so mind-blowing that the clinic which conducted the research could not help but be very impressed as well.


The participants were requested to replace two meals, specifically breakfast and lunch, by drinking just Shakeology. They were able to do it continuously for a duration of 90 days. No modifications whatsoever were implemented in their diet or exercise routines during these days. To ensure that all 50 individuals religiously complied with the requirements set on a daily basis, a proprietary app was used for monitoring their consumption.

In short, everything clinically possible was done to make sure that any changes or improvements in the participants can only be attributed to Shakeology and no other factor. This made it a very reliable research and a valuable study made on Shakeology especially when this was the first time it was done.

The Highly Significant Results

shakeology clinical study1Interestingly, when the participants had Shakeology for breakfast, their desire to have lunch was slimmed down. This went on for 90 days and as a result, they lost a significant 9.3 pounds on average. Guess how much the biggest weight loss was? It was a whooping 24 pounds and this was just within those days. Imagine how much you will lose if you drank Shakeology for 365 days. You do the Math!As the participants continued on complying with the requisites of the study, they also kept on losing weight and dropping it pound by pound. This only goes to show that the continual consumption of this superfood shake paves the way for weight loss that is gradual but steady. Shakeology therefore is not your quick-fix,short-term kind of solution that becomes difficult to pull through to the end. It is that sustainable kind of weight loss that is meant to transform your body today and keep it healthy for life.

All Down and For Good!

shakeology clinical studySo what else did the study reveal? While the number of pounds lost went up, both the cholesterol and blood sugar levels plummeted, and this is great news. On average, cholesterol levels went down by 7% while the biggest reduction percentage was 50 and this implies that Shakeology can cut down cholesterol in half.

Not only that, the findings in this study has proven that continued consumption of this complete meal replacement shake can lower the risks of developing Diabetes. In the study, the participants’ average blood sugar levels or HbA1c were not only monitored once. They were measured each day for the entire 3 months so as to generate a complete picture of how Shakeology affects blood sugar over a period of time when it is taken consistently. And fortunately for those who are conscious of their HbA1c, study showed that with Shakeology, blood sugar was reduced by 5% on average and was lowered to as much as 19%.

More than Enough Evidence

There is no more argument that with continued consumption, Shakeology can make a difference in your life just like it has with thousands of its growing fan base. It works hard to help you make your weight more desirable, lower your cholesterol levels, and stabilize your blood sugar. On top of that, these super smoothies are so great-testing that you will enjoy it with or without those astounding health benefits. But of course, it was made for the good of your health so it will do just that whether it matters to you or not.

Shakeology is tested and proven so go ahead get your stash now!

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*Results vary. Results based on a twelve-week independent clinical trial sponsored by Beachbody, where fifty people consumed Shakeology as their breakfast and lunch with no other changes to their diet or exercise regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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