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a Shakeology 365erStaying healthy is a challenge when you would rather grab a box of donuts than a bowl of chicken caesar salad. There are also those moments when you would stick to a low-carb, high-protein diet for a week then spend a movie marathon weekend with cheesy popcorn and potato chips on your lap. Thankfully, this scenario is not exclusive to you alone. It happens even to the most health-conscious of individuals and it should not drain away all of your hope.

Shakeology to the Rescue

Shakeology is about giving you that lifeline to hang on to when you’re at the brink of drowning in the sea of temptation. One of the main reasons why not-so-healthy foods are so tempting is because they simply taste oh-so-good. This critical issue has been aptly address by Shakeology through its highly-nutritive but undeniably delicious meal replacement shakes. There is no more reason for you not to adhere to your diet plan. Now, it is time to stick to healthiness all year round, like everyday of your life. Then persevere . . . and succeed!

Are you a Shakeology 365er?

To help you succeed, Shakeology has come up with an exclusive club in which you can earn your way into. You heard it right. You have to earn your way in because that is the kind of motivation you will need to say yes to nutrition in the next 365 days of your exciting life. Shakeology’s The Healthiest Year of My Life club is a first for those who have enjoyed their share of dense nutrition from Shakeology for a whole year without missing a single day. After that, you truly deserve to be a member and get the awesome rewards.

shakeology 365erShakeology 365er and Proud

All diligent 365ers who made twelve succeeding orders of Shakeology monthly become eligible to be a part this privileged members-only club. By the end of the year, you do not only get the body you want and the optimum healthiness you need. You will also receive a rewarding premium package that contains a 365er shaker and a much-desired Golden Scoop that you won’t get anywhere else! That is definitely something to look forward to and brag about when you have completed all 365 days of Shakeology without fail.

It is expected that after a full year of non-stop Shakeology, you will be looking awesome and feeling great already. When that happens, what better way to flaunt it than through a selfie! Go ahead and facebook or instagram it. Not everybody has the perseverance like you do and not everybody has earned the #GoldenScoop. So when you do, don’t forget to make as many selfies or even groufies with other members as you desire. It is guaranteed fun!

Halfway there

If you are on Shakeology Home Direct already, then just keep going. Whether you are just on your first month or on your 6 months, you are halfway there and nothing should stop you from pursuing the healthiest year of your lifetime. Besides, you are free to do this every year, Golden Scoop or not, depending on your commitment to achieve your best self ever. Nothing to worry about because there are now 7 exciting flavors of Shakeology and even more enticing recipes to savor all year round. At the end of the day, it’s also you, and only you, who will reap the wellness and the rewards.

Shakeology 365ers Alert!

Now, if you are one of those who flawlessly blazed through all 365 days of drinking this super supplement shake, then go ahead and claim your reward. That Golden Scoop and 365er shaker cup is just waiting on you. As soon as you have it, don’t forget to selfie or groufie and hashtag #GoldenScoop on social media. Keep that fire in you going and keep inspiring people to do the Shakeology habit with The Healthiest Year of My Life!

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