The Sensational Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology

vegan shakeologyThe exotic tropics is what this particular super food smoothie floods your senses with. Your Tropical Strawberry Vegan is nothing like what you have tasted in the past because this one is going to give you highly-stimulating flavors that seem to come from a variety of juicy fruits. This vegan shake has been reinvented and is now packed with loads of sweet guava and tangy pineapple tastes! Is that exciting enough for you?

Like any other Shakeology flavor, Tropical Strawberry is a delight to partake in your mouth and is a bundle of healthiness for the body. It was in 2012 when it was first introduced as a vegan nutrition shake. While it has got heaps of strawberries in it, you can also count on papaya, pineapple, cherry, and guava to pump up some action in there. So combine all of those scrumptious fruity flavors together and you have a tropical drink that’s extremely refreshing and densely nourishing at the same time. This is certainly a spine-tingling way to have any time of day.

Your Meals will Never Be the Same

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in-between, Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology is on full scale to make your day come alive and kicking. Once you have a taste, you will immediately and voluntarily want to trade it with any meal or even two meals for the day when you crave for it so bad. Replace your usual meal with this tropical goodness and you will never get bored. And that’s not even the most important part.

Yummy Shakeology dense nutrition shakes will keep you energized through the day. As you keep drinking it daily, you will begin to notice that it makes you so fully satisfied that you don’t crave for anything else that is junk or too sweet. Your digestion will also improve along with regularity. Unlike your typical meal, it can complete your everyday health requirements with just one potent serving.

Tropical and Loving It

A big group of customers are loving this vegan flavor and they have posted it all over social media. Most say that it is quite different from the other Shakeology flavors because it is tropically refreshing. You won’t just taste the strawberry but the rest of the fruity bunch as well. The others fell in love with it and have made Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology their new favorite – vegetarian or not. One who have tried it likened it to a cocktail that’s as invigorating as an iced strawberry daiquiri, only that it has none of the alcohol. The rest are into it because they found it to be extra creamy and smooth compared to regular strawberries. And, they all liked it so much that they have strongly recommended it to friends, family, and clients alike.

Juicing to the Next Level

If juicing is one of your favorite hobbies, then you will love this tropical strawberry smoothie. It will mix very well with just about any fruit that’s in season or some of your preferred greens. It is absolutely great for breakfast! Also, you can change up the flavor quickly by adding another fruit. You can turn into a delectable fruit cocktail with orange juice, ice, water, and a frozen fruit. Try it with banana, mango, apple, or lychees. Sip it under the sun for lunch after you blend it with fresh lemon juice, pure maple syrup, tons of ice, and water. It will never disappoint you.

The Vegan Shakeology Difference

Because this flavor is vegan, you can count on it to improve your nutrition while sticking to your ethics. It tastes good and it makes your body feel good as well. It has high protein content plus a lot of the other important stuff such as antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, superfoods, and so much more.

If you are strictly vegetarian, then you are assured that Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology will provide you the break you need from animal proteins. Another advantage for vegans is that, it is sure to bring your taste buds to its ultimate heights which you cannot find in a number of other bland-tasting vegan powders. It can be so light, creamy, and fresh-tasting that you won’t think its a nutrition shake.

Suggested Recipes

Shakeology’s Vegan Strawberry has a lot of potential when it comes to concocting your kind of beverage. But if you are not the experimenting type and you would rather take it from those who has done it before, then there are these few recipes to try. You can do a Berry Delight by mixing a serving of the tropical strawberry with a cup of rice milk and a half cup of frozen mixed berry. You can add ice to taste. Another good one is called Orange Sunshine where you simply blend it with a half cup of water and orange juice. Again, add ice cubes as you see fit. Finally, there’s Tropical Breeze. You can have coconut milk, fresh strawberries, an orange, and a banana on this one.

Shakeology’s Tropical Strawberry Vegan was made to put the sunshine back into your life. Open your windows and let it in.

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