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chocolate shakeologyWhen you hear the word Chocolate, what comes to mind first? For you, is it your favorite bar complete with fruits and almonds? Or is your mind saying no because it is considered to be very fattening? One thing is for sure though, Chocolate will always have that positive upshot for you whether you want it or not. Well, no more stopping yourself now because Shakeology has Chocolate as one of its bestselling meal replacement shake flavors! And what this means for you is that usual yummy melt-in-your-mouth goodness without the diet-distracting effects. In fact, Shakeology is the kind of Chocolate that will make you super healthy.

Whoever said that chocolate is bad never had Shakeology because this kind is the exact opposite. Once you drink it, you will slowly but surely wean yourself off your cravings especially for junk food. With Chocolate Shakeology, you can enjoy your comfort shake and feed your body more high quality nutrients while maintaining your weight or even losing the extra pounds. That bikini bod you have been dreaming of is just around the corner.

Start your Day Right with Chocolate Shakeology

So how do you go about jump starting that Shakeology lifestyle? Chocolate Shakeology is perfect for breakfast! It will be like beginning a beautiful day with an exciting dessert. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to debate or quarrel with yourself whether you should have it or not. You do not even have to wait for a cheat day to enjoy it. You can relish in this chocolate everyday and invest in your health at the same time.

Go ahead and mix it up with almond milk, cold coffee, and ice. You will surely love it. Also try peanut butter and banana with it. It can make you feel full till the afternoon and that’s a good thing for weight management. Do it again the next day for you will never grow tired of it. Have a hearty, yummy, and chocolaty breakfast each time!

Goodbye Sweet Cravings

Because you are able to satisfy your craving for chocolate at anytime, drinking Shakeology allows you to forget about all your other desires especially for sweets that destroy your diet. It satisfies your sweet tooth better than any other dessert that have sinful high sugar content. You can have it with just water or milk and its a meal replacement that’s already going to satisfy you inside and out.

For chocoholics and sweet-holics out there who can’t seem to live without it, here is your guilt-free and healthier option now. Instead of feeling bad after you munch at your usual chocolate bar, Chocolate Shakeology will make you feel like you have done something healthful for yourself.

More Healthy Stuff to Mix

Plain and simple Chocolate Shakeology can be revved up so you can have something different to look forward to vegan chocolate shakeologyeach day. You can practically mix it with any of your favorites as far as your imagination mind can go. You will be surprised with what you can concoct. Coffee, walnuts, and vanilla extract will make it into one wonderful smoothie.

And here’s more! You can make real mouth-watering desserts out of it. You can do brownies, chocolate pudding, frozen pops and mocha mousse to name a few. But you can just drool over these or go and start to whip it up yourself. The easiest, and probably yummiest, would be the frozen pops. All you have to do is mix Chocolate Shakeology with peanut butter and skim milk into a blender then pour the mixture into your pop molds. Freeze the molds and voila! You can refresh yourself on the outside while making yourself healthy on the inside.

If chocolate is your first love, then Chocolate Shakeology should be your last and only love!

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