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What's in ShakeologyHave you ever thought about what’s in the Shakeology that you delight in each day? Well, you are in for a big surprise because your favorite Shakeology (yes, all flavors) is packed with superfood ingredients that you won’t ever find in others. Thing is, they are not just any kind of ingredient. Every single one has been carefully selected to match what you need and want in a meal replacement.

The Serious Health Gap

Think about your body. Do you know what it needs to keep it going healthy? Do the foods you eat provide you the necessary nutrients? It is sad to say that even the most organic of foods are not complete enough to give your body everything it needs. In the past years, the food supply has sacrificed quality for low price and this is the consequence that high-maintenance lifestyles has brought.

The alarming truth is that a lot has been done to our food that the body can hardly identify what we are shoving down our throats. The trouble actually starts at the farm because even the soil has been abused. It used to be that the soil is nutritive enough to produce the most wholesome of harvests. But today, the continuous use and misuse of the land has stripped it of its vital fertility. As you know, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and the employment of genetic modification has changed farming in detrimental ways. As such, more non-nutritive crops have been raised that reaches us in forms of food that has almost nothing that the body requires.

Time to Fill it Up

If the food scenario out there is so dim, what is a health buff like you to do? To keep up with the demands of everyday living, you cannot anymore just rely on a typical breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each day, you have to be the super person that you have to be and putting on a red cape just won’t do the trick. In fact, quick fixes and tricks like swigging energy drinks or drowning yourself in high levels of caffeine constantly can result in fatigue and malady. Now, that is obviously not the way to keep pace with your superhero duties.

It is indeed time to be more choosy and wise when it comes to your food intake or the beverages you drink. You have to read the labels before you put anything in your grocery cart. Check whether they are good for you and don’t pick it up quickly just because it says low fat, zero fat, or high protein. The healthier your choices are, the more that the body can sustain you to live a happier life. So fill it all up with the right kind of foods and drinks this time!

Fall in Love with Shakeology

This is an open invitation for you to fall deeply and madly in love with Shakeology. It is guaranteed that it is good for your heart, mind, and the rest of your body. You will feel amazing all day that you will forget how it feels to be groggy, tired, and wasted. The magic of Shakeology is really in its ingredients and they have been carefully hunted out, selected, and formulated. What you have is a supershake that’s full of nutrients and rich in protein. The best thing about it is that, the synergy of the ingredients will not sacrifice how your taste buds will take it. They are so deliciously rich that your whole existence will crave for it. Shakeology is dense nutrition in shake formula that you will come to love.

Cornerstones of Shakeology

Shakeology has conscientiously identified what your body needs essentially and placed the exact ingredients in yourShakeology Review healthiest meal of the day. There are five main ingredients and they make up the cornerstone to the superfood science that is Shakeology.

The Wholesome Whole Foods

You probably heard about whole foods in your search for a healthy diet plan. So why are whole foods so important and why do they have to be “whole”? Well, imagine downloading a movie online and getting a fake copy. You end up watching just snippets of the entire film because some parts are annoyingly inaudible or fuzzy. How do you think you would feel because you were not able to clearly see or hear the “whole” movie? That’s right, you would end up feeling uncomfortable and heady because you won’t understand it’s real essence.

Not having whole foods is quite the same and unfortunately, there are a number of these fragmented supplements that are out in the market today. They do not provide the complete matrix that will benefit your body for real. You see, you cannot have just snippets of these whole foods. They cannot be re-engineered and processed then still be merited as whole. With Shakeology, the wholeness of these whole foods have been well-preserved using bioavailable ways. It includes potent, high-quality foods, grasses, herbs, and other ingredients. Processing is kept to the minimum so that everything remains – the natural vitamins, phytochemicals, minerals, phytosterols, alkaloids, and the rest.

Potent Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals may sound like they’re cliche but their importance can never be overemphasized. Needless to say, they are in your Shakeology and one of its vital cornerstones. Varied whole food sources allow for quality nutrition and this is backed up by a well-balanced profile of vitamins and minerals.

The Fountain of Life

Without enzymes, there is no life. Enzymes are in charge for so many things that happen in the body – digestion, absorption, creation of new blood cells, and a lot more. They also allow for different signals to be sent that they are responsible for almost all processes in your body. Since everything requires enzymes, Shakeology doesn’t want to miss. Shakeology has all the enzyme support that your body requires to help you achieve optimal health. And for you, this means that you do not have to wait for the harvest to ripen up or eat raw foods just so you can satisfy your enzyme supplementation. Besides, cooking your food will only render the enzymes inactive. So why go through all the trouble when you can enjoy Shakeology and have all the enzymes you need?

Pre and Pro Biotics

If you are fond of yogurt, you would know that it has added probiotics that is advertised as healthful especially for the digestive area. However, are you aware that the body, on its own, can manifest these probiotics if you fed it with prebiotics? That is another wonder of nature when it takes its own course. Probiotics are very important because they keep the internal bodily system well-balanced. In return, it helps you become vibrant from the inside out.

So as you savor your favorite Shakeology smoothie each day, you are actually feeding your body the prebiotics that will pave the way for the probiotics to thrive. The goal is to have more of the healthy bacteria that feed on the prebiotics so that the probiotics can flourish. In Shakeology, you will greatly benefit from an abundance of these prebiotics from yacon root and this is another pro-health ingredient for you.

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM for short

MSM is a sulfur compound that occurs naturally. You can find it in raw, fresh fruits, fish, milk, vegetable, and grains. However, its magic can easily disappear just hours after harvest. Thus, the natural method can be a difficult way to catch MSM. If it was still the stone age where you can just pick and eat what you have immediately, then it could have been easy. But you know that these days, food has to go through a lot of processing, packaging, and transporting before you can have it in you mouth so its mostly bye-bye MSM.

But not so fast! MSM is in Shakeology and this means a lot. See, MSM is crucial for the fluidity between the cells in your body and to the connective tissues. It gives it the breathing space for flexibility at the cellular level. When MSM levels are low, the body becomes painful, rigid, and stiff. You don’t want this to happen to your whole body so its important to supplement with MSM through your superfood Shakeology.

Now you know why your Shakeology is so picky with its ingredients. It’s really all for the love of you and your health. Keep drinking your dense nutrition and you will never go wrong.

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